About Me

An Introduction

Hello! My name is Terrilynn Sinclair and I am currently enrolled in my third year of the Elementary Education Program at the University of Regina. I would like to take a minute to acknowledge and respect that I have always, and am currently, living and benefiting off Treaty 4 land for which I am grateful. I am very thankful to be on this journey towards becoming a teacher and am excited to see what the future holds.

More about me…

I grew up in the small town of Lafleche Saskatchewan. I attended Lafleche Central School (LCS) from Kindergarten to Grade 12. As I look back, I realize how truly lucky I am to have grown up in such a caring learning environment and loving community. At LCS I took part in various extracurricular activities including: S.R.C, S.C.C yearbook, volleyball, badminton, and track. On top of being involved in extracurricular, I also volunteered my time to my community. I did so by coaching baseball and figure skating, reffing volleyball games and tournaments held at LCS, and providing childcare for employees at LCS when needed.

My passion to teach children started at a young age, I have wanted to become a teacher for as long as I can remember. My inspiration for this passion came from my former teachers at LCS, they have turned a facility into a home for students. The positive impact that my former teachers had on my life is tremendous, as they are the reason I keep pushing so hard to reach my goals. I aspire to teach with the same level of passion, dedication and kindness demonstrated by the educators that taught me over the years. I also hope I am able to have such a positive influence on my future students as my teachers did for me.

I want to create an environment that allows children to embrace their whole selves and be who they are without fear of judgment. I want to create a classroom purposefully to support and recognize that students are capable and competent learners. An environment that functions to meet to needs and to be adapted to suit different instructional strategies. A classroom that showcases and reflects the diversity of my classroom through students interests, cultures, family, learning and work. A classroom that welcomes and allows everyone to feel as though they belong.

The experiences I have had the opportunity of having thus far have helped me develop into who I am today. I hope to gain more diverse understandings as I continue on my path to becoming a teacher, so that I am able to become the educator I envision. I cannot wait to continue experiencing this wonderful journey I am on as I work towards my degree.

Thanks for reading!